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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions incl. Cancellation Policy relating to Covid 19

We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely cottage and invite you to read our Terms and

Conditions.  By placing a booking with us and during your stay you and your booking party agree to

the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions please contact us before booking.


1.    To place a booking with us, the lead guest must be at least 18 years of age.  Do not exceed the total number of people as stipulated in the description of the property (i.e. sleeps 4.  A travel cot is provided which may only be occupied by a child of 24 months or less),  You should not transfer possession of the property or share it except with members of the party as shown on the booking form.   Where the person making the booking is different to the lead guest taking up occupation, the person making the booking may be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages.  Any third party visitors are only allowed access with our permission.  Arrival time is 5 pm and departure time 9 am (unless agreed otherwise!).


2.    To secure your booking we require a deposit of £50 per week/part week (or full payment). The balance is due 6 weeks before the holiday date.  If booking within 6 weeks of your holiday we require full payment with the booking form.  If the balance has not been paid by this time we reserve the right to cancel the booking, in which case a cancellation charge may apply.  We are not obliged to send reminders.  Payments will be accepted by digital Bank Transfer or by cheque.  We do not accept post-dated cheques.  Any charges imposed on us by our Bank for handling dishonoured cheques or other payments will be passed on to the Guests who are liable to reimburse the owner in respect of these charges within 7 days of notification by us.


3.    Guests who need to cancel a booking should contact us as soon as possible.  Deposits & Balances already paid are only returned in accordance with the following conditions:
◦    Cancellation made 15 days or more in advance of arrival date = full refund less deposit
◦    Cancellation made 14 days or less of arrival date = 50% refund
◦    Cancellation due to Covid 19 Pandemic Restrictions =  full refund incl. deposit.
It is strongly recommended that you take out your own cancellation insurance.  However, the dates of the holiday may be changed providing the cottage is available for the new dates and we are able to accommodate the change.  In either case a re-booking fee of £25 is payable. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your holiday (e.g. due to flood or fire damage or similar) your payment will, of course, be refunded in full.  Overseas guests may pay by sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank. Any charges for overseas payments will be passed on to the Guests.


4.    Our aim is for you to enjoy your holiday in the pristeen comfort of Peartree Cottage.  If we fall short of this please tell us as soon as possible during your stay.  We will then do what we can to remedy the situation.  If we do not hear of problems until after your stay it will not be possible to entertain any claims made at a later date.


5.    To allow the Owners or their contractor reasonable access to the property should it be necessary in the event of a breakdown or emergency.


6.    Peartree Cottage is a Non-Smoking property and Guests are requested to strictly adhere to this. This includes E-cigarettes.


7.     We ask our Guests to please refrain from using candles inside the cottage.  Battery operated
candles are provided.


8.    Guests are responsible for the safety and security of their children at all times.  Please do not leave children without adult supervision.


9.    Barbecue - please use the designated barbecue utensils and clean the barbecue after use.


10.    We welcome your pets. Two well-behaved dogs are allowed at no extra charge but we do ask that  you please confine pets to downstairs, ensuring they are kept off beds and seating.  We request that your pets must not be left unsupervised in the property due to the risk of damage. There is a charge for any damage caused by your dog.   Guests are responsible for cleaning up any fouling pets may cause around the property. As Peartree Cottage is located within a farming community where there are sheep and cattle, dogs should be kept under control at all times and on a lead when out walking within the vicinity of the property.  We have a large meadow adjacent to the cottage where your dogs may be exercised off lead securely. Our Doggie Rules are attached.


11.    Please report any breakages or replace any item you have broken. To pay for any losses or damage to the property caused by the Guests (reasonable wear and tear excluded), the Owners reserve the right to charge for damage over and above wear and tear.   


12.    Peartree Cottage is part of our home and, therefore, we ask Guests to take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the holiday.  No cleaning service takes place during the holiday period but fresh bedlinen & towels are provided on a weekly basis.  


13.    Electricity and Oil-fired central heating is included in the price quoted. A supply of kiln dried logs is provided for the wood burning stove.  If you require a further supply there is a charge of £5 per basket. It is a new eco friendly stove and only kiln dried timber must be used.
◦    Please, please make sure you switch off lights, heating or any electrical appliances when you go out – we’re an eco-friendly holiday cottage!
◦    Please lock the doors when you leave the property unoccupied.
◦    Please do not leave windows wide open when leaving the property unoccupied – our feathered friends are known to fly in to have a look around!!


14.    Hot water is supplied by both the CH system boiler or a separate immersion heater, included in the price.


15.    The kitchen/breakfast room is well-equipped with a cooker, refrigerator with freezer compartment, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, pots & pans, cutlery, crockery, iron and ironing board and vacuum cleaner.  A separate utility area houses a washing machine, tumble dryer and small table-top freezer.  Lost keys will incur a replacement charge per key.


16.    All bed linen, towels, t-towels are provided. Please do not take Peartree Cottage towels to the beach –  may we remind you to bring your own beach towels!


17.    Ample parking is available.


18.    Free Broadband/wi-fi is available for leisure purposes only but cannot be guaranteed at all times.


19.    Guests are requested to not cause undue noise or disruption or become a nuisance to occupants of any adjoining premises or within the neighbourhood.


20.    The Owners accept no liability for any act, neglect or default for any other person not employed by them or under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience to either person or property which the Guests, or any other person, may suffer or incur arising from, or in any way connected with the Holiday. The Owners accept no liability for loss or damage to the Guests’ possessions on the Owners’ land or property.  


21.    If any of the above terms and conditions are breached the Owners reserve the right to re-enter the property and terminate the holiday, without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the owners.


22.    Force Majeure - The Owners do not accept liability or pay compensation for any loss, damage or expense where their obligations are prevented or affected by reason of force majeure.  Force Majeure means any event which the owner providing the service could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid such as war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, pandemic, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of airports or ports, technical problems with transport, governmental action and all other similar events.


23.    While every effort is made to make brochure and web site descriptions as accurate as possible, some of the information contained relates to factors which are beyond our control such as shops, public houses, etc.  Details of such establishments may change without the our knowledge and cannot be absolutely relied upon.


Doggie Rules

The owners, Keith and Jackie love having canine guests to stay – great fun and always welcome – indeed I get my own welcome pack!  But they do ask for my owners to note and respect the following house rules for my stay in Peartree Cottage!!


  • I am not allowed in the bedrooms – there is a gate provided to stop me sneaking up the stairs!    Please set up my sleeping/feeding area either in the hall or kitchen/diner where the flooring is more suitable for easy cleaning.   [There are two very shiny bowls for my food and water in the hall cupboard should you have forgotten mine!  Also some doggie chews!!!)

  • I should not sit or lay on the furniture in the sitting room – chair throws are provided to protect the seating just in case I forget and clamber up!   And there is a special cushion for me to sleep on if we have forgotten to bring mine.

  • Please do not leave me alone in the cottage – I might get very distressed and chew things.

  • There is a gated patio and garden area to the rear of the cottage where I can sniff around off lead.

  • There is a lovely meadow belonging to the cottage which you are able to exercise me around but as there is a resident puss-cat you are requested to keep me under control.

  • There are many great walks in the area but, of course, as it is a farming area with lots of cows and sheep, you do need to keep me under control in case I run off to make friends with them.  I gather the farmers may not appreciate this!!   There is a lovely park in Okehampton where I can run around off lead and, of course, great beaches on the north coast of Devon where dogs are allowed too.

  • If I get muddy or sandy (and, of course, I have to do this) please clean me up before I enter the cottage – there is an outside tap/hose and buckets at the far end of the main house.   And, of course, do not let me enter the sitting room until I have dried off.

  • I know you will clean up after me and there is a special container  (black with yellow lid) and scoop for doggie poo kept in the open barn.  Special bags are provided in the hall cupboard.


Thank you very much, now you will be able to bring me to stay again.Woof, woof.


LOCAL Veterinary Practices:


North Park Veterinary Group 01837 658777

(With surgeries in Okehampton, Hatherleigh & North Tawton)


Okeford Veterinary Centre (Small animals)  01837 52148

(Surgery close to Waitrose in Okehampton)

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